Kriss Kross Lyrics


Send "Kriss Kross" Ringtone to your cell When the moon's in the sky I like it
When the moon's in the sky we like it
It's not gonna give us bad advice
So go and dance with your thunder and lightning
Where the paradise birds are fighting
Let's shake things up a bit tonight

Are you coming out tonight?
Are you coming out tonight?
'Cause we're going out tonight
And we won't be cattle on your farm tonight

Ask yourself why
Come on, ask your man why
'Cause you're ugly and you lie
And you kriss kross, kriss kross, it's a lie
So bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye

Are you coming out tonight?
Well, come out with us tonight
'Cause there's wrong and there is right
And we know which one we are tonight

Ah, don't start crying now, don't go crying now
'Cause the moon is gonna dance for us tonight
Don't go dying now, you're not dying now
And the sky is just not close to us tonight

And as for you, friend, high in your high home
Watching us all falling down like rain
I hope you're happy, feel really holy
'Cause your godliness has taken
Every single thing I loved on earth tonight

Oh, I won't let you leave me
You're all I've got, believe me
Stay, don't close your eyes
Nobody really dies
They all just end up in the sky
So far away Send "Kriss Kross" Ringtone to your cell

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