Dog on Wheels Lyrics

Belle And Sebastian

Send "Dog on Wheels" Ringtone to your cell When I was a boy, I was confounded by you
Now I'm still a boy, I am indebted to you
Every song, I ever wrote was written for you
Written for you

Now I'm feeling flat, you seem mile away
I'm so tired that down on the pavement I'll lay
Till the blossom on the tree comes falling on me
Fall on me

From my window, I can see the mountains in snow
From my window, I will shut my eyes and let go
Promise me, you'll always be around when I fall
And when I call

On the river bridge up on the wall, looking down
On the river bridge, to me a vision was shown
If I could hold on to things till I was full grown
Peace would I know

To my dog on wheels, I'll tell my pleasures and woes
To my dog on wheels, I'll tell my secrets and more
Then one day in spring, I'll take him down to the road
Anything goes Send "Dog on Wheels" Ringtone to your cell

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